#4 Little Birthday Boozecakes

I have been meaning to share this completely and totally amazing recipe with you since my birthday way back in February.  I made a Pre-St. Paddy’s Day test batch to see if all the fuss about them on the Internet was true.  After all, no one wants to serve up a suck-o dessert to their friends and family come the big day for the wearin’ of the green just because they listened to some joker on the Interweb who falsely claimed that a mediocre recipe was super awesome.  Since I am not just some online schmuck,  but your real life sister, you can actually trust me when I tell you that these cupcakes really do kick some serious hiney in the dessert department.  (Note use of STATUS as my persuasive propaganda technique.)

It has been very hard keeping them a secret because they are freaking fabulous!  And by freaking I mean the f-bomb but I have censored myself because I have a toddler and can no longer use the type of descriptive vocabulary necessary to truly convey how much I love these cupcakes.  So what if he can’t read yet, I can’t allow myself to be tempted into slipping back into my old “I heart cussing like a sailor” ways.  I guarantee you that this dessert will blow your little shamrock embroidered socks off, make you want to dance a wee jig around the kitchen as you suck every last schmear of frosting from your fingers, and bust yer old shillelagh in two when you are done.  By the way, Gaelic spelling is absolutely impossible.

As long as you have the two kinds of alcohol on hand, the recipe is quite simple to whip up.  I did not have any Bailey’s when I made them the first time.  No big deal, I made this homemade version which seriously lengthened the prep time.  While stirring a few ingredients together shouldn’t have taken long, I also didn’t have any chocolate syrup which the pseudo Bailey’s required so I made that from scratch as well.  Don’t go to all that trouble if you can avoid it.  Just buy the dang Bailey’s.  I would have done so myself but we happened to be having a blizzard on the day that I made them.  However, if you need some chocolate syrup and you have the time to make it yourself, this recipe is a winner and it lasts for about a month in the fridge.

I freely admit that I was initially concerned about putting Guinness in cupcake batter.  Fear not as the results are undeniably stupendous.  It makes the most wonderfully moist, deep, dark, chocolatey cupcakes that I have ever had in my entire life.  They keep very well without drying out, but I am warning you that they will not last long enough for you to personally find this out!  Better make sure to tune up your old elliptical as you will need it to stave off the extra pounds with these bad boys in the house.  As for the Bailey’s frosting, I have no words.  The combination is sinfully delicious.  Knowing how you pride yourself on maintaining a well stocked pantry, you probably have both Guinness and Bailey’s in your larder, which means that  you could be stuffing your face with these little gems in less than an hour.  I confess that I have a batch cooling on my counter-top, waiting to be lovingly frosted as soon as I finish typing this post.

Here is the recipe that I used along with a few tweaks that I found made them even better.  I could not find all of my cupcake pans so I had to squeeze all of the batter into the 18 holes that I had available.  This fills them right up to the top and while I was initially afraid that they would puff up and overflow leaving nasty scorched batter all over the bottom of my oven, they did not.  Turns out reducing the number of cupcakes to eighteen makes for a perfectly domed cupcake.  While I do allow the molten Guinness concoction to cool a bit, I couldn’t possibly wait until it was room temperature.  When the pan is still warm but you can place your hand on it without burning the crap out of your fingers, I say get crackin’!  Finally, I did not take the time to sift any of the ingredients and I reduced the amount of powdered sugar in the frosting to 3 1/2 cups.  I highly recommend that you forever incorporate these into your St. Patrick’s Day reveling!  Even if you weren’t already a vegetarian, it sure beats the heck out of corned beef and cabbage!


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